Who would have thought celebrity moms could be just like us? Sure, they have professional hair stylists and make up artists who help them wake up looking like a million bucks and chauffeurs to take them on a grocery store run but let’s face it, like us, celebrity moms also value a healthy future for their children. Studies on breastfeeding show that breastfeeding your infant can lead to a decrease in illness, fewer allergies, and a less chance of obesity in the long run for your child. Not to mention one of the biggest advantages of breastfeeding is the bond that is created between a mother and child. If you take a look in magazines or switch on the television, you’ll see an increase in pictures being taken of famous breastfeeding celebrities; some photos intentionally taken, while others caught by the paparazzi. While these pictures have created some controversy in the public, these famous breastfeeding celebrities are showing that they’re loud and proud of breastfeeding their children. Pictures like the one of Gwen Stefani breastfeeding her son Apollo last year in Switzerland capture the beautiful union between infant and new mommy. Supermodel, Gisele Bundchen also is not bashful when it comes to how she feels about breastfeeding in public as she shows us in the photo of her being dolled up by stylists while nursing her daughter. Singer, Pink, also shows us that famous breastfeeding celebrities can be like us too. One of my personal favorites is Miranda Kerr breastfeeding her baby boy Finn…what a sweet moment to capture and share with the public!

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And celebrity moms reading this: we'd love to help you get a breastpump through your insurance too :)

Miranda Kerr breastfeeding Pink breastfeeding Gwen Stefani breastfeeding Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding