Your baby is trying to get around and spends a lot of time focusing on the sights and sound of their surroundings. They are also eating solids more frequently and trying new flavors. These things may be a distraction from breastfeeding, but breast milk is still an important sources of nutrients and immunities for babies at this stage. You may have to interrupt your baby’s play time on some days and on other occasions, your baby may feel overwhelmed by their environment and want to nurse more.

Two Tips and Benefits of Breastfeeding at Ten Months:

  • Immunities in breastmilk are important for babies as they crawl around and come in contact with more objects. They are putting things in their mouths and interacting with other children, so the more immunities they have, the better they are at fighting off viruses.
  • It is still normal for babies to be nursing to sleep at this age, however if you are feeling like you don’t want to be tied down with nursing every night, try having someone else rock the baby to sleep or wear them in a wrap or carrier. This can help your baby learn to fall asleep without nursing.

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