The concept of dining out with your newborn has received a lot of attention as of late, especially with all of the social media chatter involving an incident in a Portland Maine Diner.  The Bump and Huffpost Parents are two media outlets who’ve posted on the event involving a young child who was vocally expressing discontent within the diner for the duration of approximately 40 minutes.  The owner having grown frustrated with the child’s loud cries elected to tell the child to stop crying instead of engaging directly with the parents. Many have debated the issue on social media defending the restaurant owner and chastising the inaction of the parents.  Others have openly sided with the mother who opted not to remove her child from the restaurant because of heavy rains occurring outside.  Establishment owner, Darla Neugebauer, maintains, “My Diner….My Rules.” Independent of where you stand on the matter, it is probably safe to say no one wants to endure the cries of a small baby in a public setting, including the parents.  So how can you avoid an embarrassing encounter or public altercation such as the aforementioned?  My suggestion is to know the ambiance of where you’re planning to dine.  Ask yourself, is it child-friendly?  If so, then you’re probably among those who understand an unexpected display of emotional outcries by children. You may also want to consider your child’s routine.  For example, is it close to nap time?  If so, and you expect your little one may grow irritable, you may want to hit up a drive through window instead.  Undoubtedly, it can also help to make sure you’ve gotten the items you need to make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible.  Some great items to pack are toys, pacifiers, bottles, etc.  Having a well-organized bag of essentials is a great way to reduce the likelihood of a public temper tantrum.  Juggling multiple bags such as a diaper bag, breast pump bag, and purse can be quite an undertaking for one person to manage.  Let me recommend a solution, the Sarah Wells bag.

Sarah Wells bagSarah Wells bag

These must have bags can be purchased on Aeroflow Mom and Baby’s online store, and are sure to impress even the biggest skeptic.  The breast pump bags by Sarah Wells are uniquely designed to carry and store breastmilk, organize purse essentials, and even have the capacity to store a laptop.  Managing one bag is a great way for busy moms to transport those essential items for both mom and baby, making public outings a lot more manageable.  Get yours today!