This month we will be introducing our ‘Creative’ series.  We are always looking for new and creative ways to announce pregnancy, chronicle baby’s first year, baby-proof the house and more.  We will be hitting on all of these topics this month in our creative series starting with creative ways to announce your pregnancy.

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Now with Pinterest, Baby Center, The Bump and mommy bloggers, you can get some amazing ideas on creative ways to announce your pregnancy.  Below are 3 of my favorite.

Tiny Pair of Shoes

This is one of my all time favorites, I love baby shoes to begin with and have saved some of my son’s cutest pairs to use as Christmas ornaments.  Find a way to incorporate these adorable shoes into an announcement is a great idea.

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Enlisting help of Child

It’s always fun to enlist the help of your older child or children to help in the announcement of pregnancy.

1) Because kids are so unpredictable and say the cutest things and

2) Their world is about to change with the addition of a new baby so making siblings feel important and part of the process can ease in the transition.

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Pet help with Announcement

For a lot of couples their pet is their first child.  Incorporating the pet into the pregnancy announcement is always a cute idea.  Carrie Underwood just announced her pregnancy with the help of her two pooches Ace and Penny.

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

These are my favorite top 3 creative ways to announce pregnancy.  If you have a creative idea you would like to share please contact us at