The University of Windsor has developed an app for nursing moms to help with breastfeeding. Loaded with information and tools to make the breastfeeding journey a little easier for nursing moms, this cool new app includes frequently asked questions, tracking for feedings, diaper changes, and baby’s growth!

What Is The WYNI App?

The When You Need It (WYNI) breastfeeding app is interactive and said to be easy to use. Pictures, diagrams and videos provide a one-stop experience for the user to make this breastfeeding app attractive for busy nursing moms.

WYNI was created in partnership with the Building Blocks for Better Babies Program at the University of Windsor, the school's faculty of nursing, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit and the university's school of computer science, with support from the Government of Ontario through Health Nexus.

It is apparent the University of Windsor is no stranger to the benefits of breastfeeding. Your breast milk is made specifically for your baby and changes as your baby grows. As you start your breastfeeding journey it is important to track feedings as this information is a great resource for both you and your pediatrician when analyzing your baby’s health.

How To Track Baby's Growth

When tracking breastfeeding it is recommended to track the start and end time of each feeding along with which breast was nursed and whether you switch breasts during the process. If your baby isn’t gaining the recommended amount of weight for his/her age, this information could help your pediatrician help figure out why. Tracking feedings will also help you create a routine that works best for your baby’s needs.

Aside from tracking feedings, it is also important to track diaper changes as this will give great insight as to if your baby is eating enough. In general, babies should produce six wet diapers per day. By tracking both feedings and diaper changes you will have great insight and should you need this information at a check-up it will be readily available.

Don’t forget to track your pumping sessions as well. There are many apps available to help you keep track of each session, the amount of milk pumped and even the use of milk. Many nursing moms breastfeed and use a breast pump so they are able to continue to breastfeed after returning to work and/or if they desire more flexibility in their schedule.

Qualify For Your Free Pump

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act most health insurance plans are required to provide breastfeeding equipment for pregnant and nursing women. That means you could qualify for a free breast pump through insurance! With all of that money saved you can go out and buy a breastfeeding app, like the one created by the University of Windsor. Visit the app store for breastfeeding apps and qualify for your free breast pump through insurance here. For immediate assistance, we can be reached at 844-867-9890.

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