Congratulations! If you are reading this blog then your family is probably getting ready for the arrival of a little one into the home.   This is an extremely exciting time but the pressures of a new baby in the household can add a lot of stress. Here at Aeroflow Healthcare, we want to help relieve some of that unnecessary strain by taking care of at least one task: the breastpump. “What’s the best breastpump brand?” “What are the breastpump upgrade options?” “Do I need accessories?” All common questions probably running through your head right now. We’re going to answer all of those questions plus more so you know exactly how the process of obtaining a breastpump through insurance works.

Recent health care reform has paved the way for preventive care allowing it to be offered at little or no cost for individuals and families around the country. Since research has shown that breastfeeding your infant can prevent illness, allergies, and obesity later in life, a breastpump is considered a preventive service under most insurance plans. Depending on your insurance coverage, you could be eligible for a brand new double electric breastpump at no cost to you. Once a representative verifies your benefits, an Aeroflow Healthcare breastpump specialist will call you to discuss your options. We offer all of the major breastpump brands through insurance including Medela, Hygeia, and Ameda. Most women’s first question is “what breastpump upgrades options do you have?”   Whether you are a stay at home mom or jet set every weekend, you’re probably going to need accessories at some point. We’re talking a minimum of a battery pack, breast milk cooler set, and bottles. The Medela Pump In Style Advanced On the Go Tote is a top pick for new moms. This kit includes a cute tote bag, freezer bag, storage containers, and a battery pack to make the pump mobile. Depending on your personal style, you can opt for the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack instead. The Medela Pump In Style Advanced Metro bag is also a big hit with expecting mothers. Unlike the tote or backpack options, this kit allows you to remove the pump motor in and out of the trendy shoulder bag. It too comes with a battery pack and cooler set. If you were looking for a more portable carrying option, go with the Medela Freestyle and we promise you won’t be disappointed. With a rechargeable battery and digital display, it’s no wonder it’s such a big hit with moms everywhere. Check out our online store here to The best part about all of this is that you can use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay the upgrade costs.

To get the process started, all you have to do is fill out the Qualify Through Insurance form on our website. Enter your information, click Submit, and leave the rest of us. A Breastpump Specialist will verify your insurance benefits and help you choose the right breast pump for you and your family. Feel free to call us at (844) 867-9890 for immediate assistance. Your free breast pump through insurance is just a few clicks away!