Facts to Consider

It seems that the general consensus among moms is that bags are more resourceful for several reasons, the first being that they take up less space in the freezer. Bottles are a bit bulkier and take up more area. Unless you have a separate freezer, storage bags are the way to go.

Another advantage to using storage bags versus bottles to accumulate milk for your little one is that bags tend to be a cheaper alternative. You can purchase a 50 pack of storage bags for the same price of maybe only two or three bottles (depending on the brands you choose, of course). Also, when it comes to thawing your breast milk from the freezer, storage bags are going to thaw quicker as opposed to bottles.

BPA Free

No matter how you decide to pack your breast milk away, be sure to choose bottles or bags that are made from a material that is free from Bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA. Also, stick with the “no refreezing rule” as this can lead to bacterial growth in the breast milk.

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