If you’re planning on breastfeeding your twins, we salute you! You will soon be entering Super Mom status.  Breastfeeding provides tremendous benefits for you and your babies but I am not telling you something you do not already know.  For mom, breastfeeding will help you bond with your baby, lower your health risks for certain illnesses, save your family money, and help you lose the baby weight.  For babies, breast milk helps fight diseases and lowers baby’s risk for respiratory infections, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and ear infections.  Not to mention it is easier for their digestion.  So when you breastfeed with twins you are doing 2x the good! Despite all of the good that will come with breastfeeding your twins, it will come with its own set of challenges.

Although breastfeeding with twins is challenging, it is not impossible.  Many moms know of no other way to breastfeed and they survived, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t scared out of their minds!  Take for example ‘Modern Family’ mom Julie Bowen: back in 2010 she posted a photo of her breastfeeding her twins in what she called the ‘double football hold’.  She received a lot of attention for posting such an intimate photo but it was great for moms to see they are not alone and that it is possible to breastfeed with twins.

Breastfeeding with Twins

Setting aside the fame and glory for a minute, you must always have faith in yourself.  If you carried your twins for 9 months and then gave birth to them, you can handle breastfeeding! Moms who have breastfed with twins give the best advice such as nurse your twins at the same time. If you nurse them separately you might feel that all you do is breastfeed!  By nursing them at the same time you are cutting your breastfeeding time down by half, literally!  Also, make sure you are comfortable.  It might take a few times to find the right chair, position, and atmosphere to achieve the right breastfeeding environment, but once you do the process will be much more accommodating.

When breastfeeding with twins it is important to be prepared if one baby finishes earlier than the other, especially if you are alone.  If you are, make sure you have toys on hand incase baby does not fall asleep after feeding. Also, be sure not to compare yourself to anyone else, celebrity or not. Each mom experiences breastfeeding in different ways using different methods.  Find what works for you and stick to it!  Lastly, when breastfeeding with twins it is very beneficial to use a breastpump! With a breastpump you will be able to maintain a milk supply in case you want to involve dad and bottle feed with breast milk or if you are going back to work.

Breastfeeding with twins doesn't have to be stressful.   In fact, it can turn out to be the most special time you spend with your twins!  Aeroflow is committed to helping moms reach their breastfeeding goals and specializes in helping moms just like you get a breastpump through insurance and the Affordable Care Act.  Qualifying Through Insurance is a simple process; all you have to do is fill out your information and we will do all of the hard work!  For immediate assistance you can reach us at 888-867-9890 – we look forward to hearing from you!