Breastfeeding in public. Always a hotly debated topic. The laws surrounding breastfeeding in public in the United States differ depending on state but for the most part, the legislation explicitly says that women can breastfeed in public or at least breastfeed with out the fear of being prosecuted for indecent exposure or public indecency. While breastfeeding has become legal in many different facets of life including the work place, a lot of mothers are still not eager to publicly breastfeed their children. A big reason behind this is because there are no public areas set aside to breastfeed. Possibly having to deal with weird stares and uncomfortable glances from others makes some women reluctant to nurse their infants in public.

However, recently proponents of breastfeeding have been rejoicing in Seton, Texas. The Round Rock Premium Outlets located outside of Austin created a “Mother Baby Breastfeeding Lounge” where mothers can privately nurse their babies. It is made for one mother to nurse at a time, has a sink to wash hands, a diaper changing station, and is conveniently placed not far from the restrooms at the food court. It even has a television built in to amuse older siblings. This is a huge step forward for those who support breastfeeding in public. We can only hope that other public facilities will follow their mark so more mothers can have the convenience of feeding their children in a quiet and calm area while still getting the tasks done that life calls for.

Mother_baby_breastfeeding_lounge Mother_baby_lounge

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