Bonding with your baby simply means you form an intense attachment; but don’t let the simplicity of the definition take away from the incredible pleasure and joy you can achieve by bonding with your child. There are multiples ways your body and mind facilitate this - both chemically and emotionally. From the first kick to breastfeeding and beyond, there are many ways to explore how this unique bonding takes place. Oxytocin is a chemical produced by your brain and secreted by your pituitary gland- this hormone regulates childbirth, breast feeding, and even feelings of trust and relaxation. This makes sense then that it is widely believed that breastfeeding or holding your baby immediately after birth can help facilitate bonding. If you are worried about bonding because you have to return to work, or have to breast pump for any other reason- don’t. Nipple stimulation (not just breast feeding alone) stimulates the production of oxytocin, and can be achieved through pumping. You can find a wide variety of breast pumps available on Aeroflow Breastpumps’ online store, Aeroflow Mom & Baby . If you are concerned with the cost of a pump, most health insurance companies cover them at reduced or no cost – you can find out if your provider covers this benefit by simply completing our Qualify Through Insurance form. One of our Breastpump Specialists will verify your insurance and  will contact you within 3-5 business days to discuss your coverage and breast pump options. Babies are born ready to bond, however it can sometimes take adults and parents a little longer. If you are concerned and don’t feel that you’ve bonded with your baby right away, there are multiple things you can do to create and nurture a strong bond. Skin to skin cuddling, or making eye contact and singing softly or just speaking to your baby are both popular and highly effective methods. Bonding is important in instilling and nurturing a healthy sense of self esteem, personality, and security in your little one. If you are seriously concerned after a few weeks that you haven’t bonded appropriately with your child, consult a physician (post partum depression, exhaustion, or pain can affect bonding). Lastly, the most effective way to bond is to enjoy your baby! Don’t be afraid to take time to just cradle, smile at, or love on your newborn.