A c-section birth, contrary to some tall tales, will not have an effect on the bonding process between mother and baby.

Bonding with baby

Bonding is an instinct which gives children a sense of self-esteem and security, and can also help parents feel connected to the new member of the family. This can begin before the child is ever born — many women say they begin to feel attached during gestation, especially once mom can feel the baby kick or sees baby on an ultrasound picture.

Skin to skin contact

You can also bond via skin to skin touch, such as cuddling the newborn, gently stroking their skin, looking into the baby’s eyes while talking or singing to them, etc. Breastfeeding is also an awesome way to bond with your child. You’re getting skin-to-skin contact while providing your baby with the best possible nutrition.

If baby is in the NICU

If your child is in the NICU or unable to breastfeed, you can ask the staff to allow you to safely touch and hold the baby. You can also pump your breast milk so the NICU staff can ensure he or she is still getting those nutrients — breastfeeding or pumping will still promote bonding through the release of oxytocin. For breastfeeding mothers, the child’s cry will help stimulate the let down of milk, and through pumping or breastfeeding, your uterus contracts, releasing oxytocin (the “love” molecule in your brain that helps you feel attachment).

Don't rush

Bonding may not be immediate for all parents and that’s okay. If you are worried about your attachment with your child, you may want to consult a physician, as a lack of attachment can be a sign of postpartum depression, or other issues.

Be prepared with a breast pump

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