Medela, Ameda, Hygeia…OH MY!  Many mothers are not expecting that choosing a breastpump will be such a difficult decision process.  There are so many factors to take into consideration…the brand, the accessories (wait, I need accessories?), and not to mention how to get it through Insurance!    Let’s take one thing at a time and start with the best breastpump on the market.  Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, instead of labeling a specific breastpump as “The Best”, let’s see which one is best for YOU.  Aeroflow specializes in helping moms just like you  figure out the best breastpump for your lifestyle and needs!

Let’s start with Ameda.  Unlike most other breastpump brands on the market, the Ameda Purely Yours breastpump boasts Closed System Technology.  This means that when pumping, milk cannot get into the pump’s tubing further preventing it from getting into the pump itself.  So, why is this really beneficial?  Well, many mothers worry about mold and bacteria getting into their breast milk, and rightfully so. This feature prevents this from happening providing ease of mind for breastfeeding moms.  Another awesome Ameda feature is the option of putting AA batteries in the bottom of the pump so you don’t have to be plugged in to a power outlet at all times.   Trust us, this is a huge plus!  If you are on-the-go like most moms, you know how convenient this is.  Now you see why the Ameda Purely Yours breastpump is one of our best breastpump picks for new and expectant breastfeeding moms!

Medela is another heavy hitter in the breastpump community.  Moms everywhere rave over their Pump In Style breastpump which is not surprising because they are not only the largest breastpump brand, but also the most popular right now.  Medela exclusively offers 2 Phase Expression Technology which mimics a baby’s natural sucking behavior, ultimately allowing for the milk to initially pump faster and then express slower offering a more gentle and efficient pumping experience.  With its advanced technology, quiet motor and 2 Phase Expression Technology, the Medela Pump In Style is another one of our top picks for best breastpump!

If you want to compare Ameda and Medela pumps, head over to this helpful breastpump review site that covers all pumps in further detail.

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