Best Sleeping Positions for Baby

Sleep is necessary for a baby’s development and helps them stay on a good schedule — read on for some helpful hints that ensure mom and baby are getting the proper down time!

Create a Safe Environment

Safe sleeping positions normally have baby laying on their back. This decreases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). It also helps to remove any toys or pillows from the crib, as these items can block airways if the baby happens to burrow in them due to movement in their sleep. The safest way to go is a durable crib mattress covered with a sheet.

Temperature also plays a major role in sound sleeping for baby! Make sure the temperature is set at a comfortable level. Do not place air-conditioning or heating mechanisms close to the crib. Open windows or drafts can also hinder sleep. Choose bedtime clothing carefully — a sleeper is a good alternative to blankets. If it’s cooler, for an extra level, use a wearable blanket sleeper.

Transition Baby to His/Her Bed

Transitioning from co-sleeping to independent sleep can be tricky. It is helpful to slowly introduce the infant to their bedroom. This will help baby become more comfortable being in the room alone. This is a gradual process that takes time to make sure baby feels comfortable and is willing for the change.

Making sure the mattress feels the same as your own might help the situation. Too much change might make the transition backfire with no sight of familiarity. Taking naps together in their “new space” could help make the adjustment smoother!

Independent Naps

With newborns, mom and baby will take naps together or spend more time than mom realizes until daily activities come back into play. If your infant gets fussy because they have to nap alone, there are some helpful hints to subside the reaction to you not being right there!

Stay near them for the first couple of times. This allows them to see your face when they stir, still making they feel safe and comfortable. If they start to stir awake, rub, pat and cuddle until they fall back into a deep sleep. Continue this until the baby starts to be more independent with napping. Eventually, baby will be able to sleep through a nap without you being there. It’s not as enjoyable for mom but does allow you to return back to daily activities like that pile of laundry.

Sleep is so important for mom and baby. Making sure baby can sleep through the night or a nap independently and safely is significant for proper development. Aeroflow Breastpumps wants to be there every step of the way — from sleeping tips to helping you feed your little one, we are here to support you!