In the midst of making sure you have everything you need for your baby, you may also want to consider making sure your home is safe for your new addition. Babies will soon be crawling, and certain areas of your home may be unsafe with stairs, exposed outlets that little fingers may be curious of or even sharp corners for wobbly-new walkers to fall on.

Kitchen risks for baby

Your kitchen is a surprisingly risky place for your new baby. A lot of people keep common household cleaning items under their sinks (such as bleach, dish detergent, and even reusable plastic grocery bags can be a huge hazard to a curious child per suffocation risk). Try placing cabinet clamps over the doors to keep them from being easily accessed (a list of great items for outlets and cabinets can be found here). Your dishwasher can even be a surprising safety hazard, as it can give a child easy access to knives and other sharp or easily breakable items.

Dangers of electrical outlets

Electrical outlets are also a huge concern. For outlets you rarely use, you can find outlet covers that plug into the outlet, and are made of plastic, and a little difficult for unskilled hands to remove. For outlets that are commonly used (for computers, vacuums, lamps, breast pumps, etc,) you can find sliding outlet covers (as mentioned in this wonderful checklist). This may make it easier to baby-proof your electric and still be able to conveniently use what you need, when you need it.

You could try using battery operated items instead of keeping things constantly plugged in, when convenient (for example, your breast pump). Most pumps have upgrade options that include the ability to be battery operated, and Aeroflow Breastpumps offers a wide variety of these products at a discounted rate at our online store.

Breastpumps through insurance

Your health insurance company may cover the cost of a pump and enable you to find a great deal on these upgraded packages by covering the cost of the necessary items (leaving you with the out of pocket strictly for the items not billable to insurance, such as the batter). You can find out if your insurance company covers these items by filling out our simple three-step, Qualify Through Insurance form. A representative will gather your information, contact your insurance company, verify your network status and benefit coverage, and be in touch with you with your options within 3-5 business days.

Always supervise your child!

There are a few surprising safety hazards that may not immediately come to mind. Latex balloons provide potentially fatal choking hazards, kitchen ranges can fall forward onto your child if leaned on, bedding that may be too soft can mold around a child’s face and potentially suffocate- these and more are things that may not be obvious but are still dangerous. A more comprehensive list of these dangers and fixes can be found here. If you have additional safety concerns or questions, consult a physician or pediatrician.

Information provided in blogs should not be used as a substitute for medical care or consultation.