Where are you finding inspiration for your baby’s name?  Maybe you are looking at a family tree, or you have a baby name book you are scouring through, or just maybe you are part of the growing trend of new and expectant parents choosing a name from a popular television show or movie.  In recent years some of the most popular baby names are coming from award winning television shows, most talked about movies and pop culture icons.  No matter where you get your inspiration from, baby name trends are super fun to follow and are a good source of inspiration.

Baby name trends fluctuate year by year and can largely be influenced by television, movies and pop culture.  Don’t believe me? If you haven’t been living under a rock you’ve more than likely heard of the show Duck Dynasty.  Regardless if you watch the show you’ve probably heard of the eccentric Uncle Si (a.k.a. Silas).  Well, Silas is now climbing the charts for popular baby names along with a few others from the Robertson clan like matriarch Korie and the grandchildren Mia, Sadie, Reed and John.

Baby Names are Following TV Trends

So maybe those names aren’t so far fetched.  Would you believe me when I say that names from Game of Thrones, Frozen, Hunger Games, and The Fault in our Stars are all producing names that are ranking in the Top 100?   Well, believe it! Khaleesi (#18), Elsa (#88), Katniss (#14) and Hazel (#13) are all moving their way up the charts for 2014!  Not to give all of the attention to the girls, baby name trends for the boys does not disappoint.

Let us begin with royalty.  No, I’m being serious, actually royalty.  Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge welcomed Prince George last July and has since propelled the name into more popularity than it has seen in quite some time.  Not to mention variations of the name, Georgia, Gerogina, Giorgio, have been rising on the charts as well.

Shifting gears a bit and heading back to the mainland, the name Nori is garnering quite the buzz in baby name trends.  You might wonder why this name would be so popular and it is a simple answer.  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  They welcomed baby North last year, nicknaming her Nori, and the rest is history.

No matter if you choose your name from your favorite TV show or from your mom’s side of the family, make sure you choose something with sentimental value.  This way, when your little one gets older you can explain to them where their name originates, providing an insight to what things were like many years ago.

We’ve got to admit, these baby name trends are super fun!  If you’ve got a great baby name or a super creative back story for a baby name let us know!  We’d love to hear from you.  Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - @Aeroflow_Breastpumps!