Hygeia is a manufacturer of breast pumps that was founded in 2007 by a husband-wife duo.  The company was founded with many forward thinking ideas including designing the pump in a way that would allow for use by multiple users, a commitment to keeping pumps out of the landfill with their No Pumps in Dumps motto and 70/24 goal of increasing breastfeeding rates (70% of mothers breast feeding for 24 months).  The Hygeia brand has a full range of breast pumps ranging from manual pumps, double electric and hospital grade pumps.

Hygeia’s mission is to support breastfeeding moms through all stages of nursing.  In order to support this mission, Hygeia works closely with lactation professionals in an effort to both support and increase breastfeeding initiation and duration.  One way Hygeia supports this effort is by providing a free annual Supporting Membership to La Leche League International (LLLI), an international organization focused on increasing breast feeding, with each pump.  In fact, Hygeia is the only breast pump company endorsed by LLLI.

Listed below are some of the top highlights of the Hygeia brand of pumps:

  • All Hygeia personal use electric breast pumps have the same performance level and hygienic features of a hospital grade pump.
  • Hygeia retail breast pumps are returnable within the first three weeks.  Hygeia stands behind its products!
  • All pump parts that come in contact with breast milk are BPA free.
  • Hygeia is the only breast pump company endorsed by LLLI.
  • Hygeia pumps use a closed system, meaning the pumps can be safely shared between mothers using their own personal pumping sets.
  • Hygeia supports mothers with great online resources, LLLI membership, and online community for pumping mothers.

In less than a decade Hygeia has made a strong mark on the breast pump market.  The brand focuses on customer service and producing long-lasting quality products which will surely continue to make Hygeia a favorite in the breastfeeding community.