Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby.  Your breast milk is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and disease-fighting substances that protect your baby from illness.  Not only is breast milk good for your baby, breastfeeding is known to lower mom’s health risks, help mom lose weight, aid in bonding with baby, and much more.  This natural act is nothing short of amazing but that does not mean it is always easy.  We’ve compiled a list of 5 tips for successful breastfeeding to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals.

5 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

  1. Expect that it might be challenging

This might sound counter intuitive but it is good to go in with realistic expectations.   Breastfeeding might be natural but that does not mean it is always easy.   Take breastfeeding one step at a time; if it does not click right away do not get discouraged.  Learn to enjoy the small victories and with a little practice and patience both you and your baby will get into a good rhythm.

5 tips for successful breastfeeding
  1. Get help early

Breastfeeding is a team effort.  You will want the support from your partner as well as other breastfeeding friends so you can lean on them for advice and tricks.  Although these people are invaluable, there might be one other person that you will need more.  A Lactation Consultant!  Under the Affordable Care Act, Lactation Consultants are covered under insurance.  Take advantage of this opportunity and get started early because habits can form fast so it is vital to make sure you get the right latch from the beginning.  A Lactation Consultant might be the difference between a successful breastfeeding experience and not moving forward with breastfeeding due to frustration and pain.

5 tips for successful breastfeeding
  1. Use props

There are so many great companies that provide tools that will make your breastfeeding experience easier, more comfortable, and more convenient.  A few must-haves for breastfeeding moms:

5 Tips for Successful Breastfeeding
  1. Be calm

Try not to tense up when breastfeeding.  Your milk supply depends on your relaxation and your mood so stress reduction is crucial!  If you are anxious your milk supply will decrease.  When breastfeeding, your body will naturally release the hormones Prolactin and Oxytocin which will give you the feeling of tranquility.  Make sure you are not distracted so you can enjoy these feelings which will make your breastfeeding experience more enjoyable.

5 tips for successful breastfeeding
  1. Use a breastpump

Regardless of your breastfeeding goals, a breastpump can help you realize your ideal breastfeeding experience.  Breastpumps are great for regulating or increasing your milk supply and are imperative for moms who are planning on going back to work.  If you are looking for more flexibility in your breastfeeding schedule or are trying to build up a supply for those “rainy days”, then again, you will want to get a breastpump.  Along with Lactation Consultants, breastpumps are also covered under the Affordable Care Act so more than likely you can get your breastpump covered by your insurance!

If you are just now considering a breastpump we are here to help!  You probably have questions about choosing the right breastpump and how to get one through your insurance.  We’ve helped thousands of moms just like you get a free breastpump through insurance and we are so excited to help you!  All you need to do is fill out the Qualify Through Insurance form and we will verify your benefits and even get the prescription from your doctor.  All you have to do is sit back and wait for your new breastpump to arrive in the mail.

5 tips for successful breastfeeding ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Breastfeeding is a beautiful act shared between mom and baby and can be one of the most special experiences you have.  With a little patience and a lot of practice (and Nipple Cream!) you will be on your way to a successful breastfeeding experience.  We hope these 5 tips for successful breastfeeding will help you in your journey and look forward to hearing from you!