As we become more familiar with the significant health advantages breastfeeding offers to mothers and babies alike, more mothers are opting to ditch commercial formula. It is no secret that breastfeeding is a major commitment, but don’t let that deter you from making the choice to breastfeed

Five Breastfeeding Tips to Help Mamas Remain Committed:

  1. Seek support. Becoming a new mother can be a rewarding and yet exhausting experience. Pay attention to opportunities where friends, family, and coworkers can help make your life simpler.   Whenever someone offers to provide assistance in some capacity, let them. This will reduce stress and make breastfeeding a lot less challenging.
  2. Consider baby initiated feedings. This concept charges baby with driving the feeding schedule and allows new mothers to remain free of the bondage a rigid feeding schedule can impose.
  3. Study your baby’s hunger cues. The idea here is to become acquainted with the signals your child provides prior to crying that would indicate hunger. Studies show the successful grasp of this concept nurtures a child’s security and reduces anxiety among infants. Research links this parenting style to more secure relationship attachments among children, less digestive issues related to stress in babies, and better overall behavioral outcomes.
  4. Keep your hormones balanced. There are a lot of excellent tools available on this topic. Consider investing in a little research on diet and exercise that promote hormonal balance. Remember hormonal homeostasis directly impacts your mood, and the very best way to achieve equilibrium is through adequate sleep. This may also require you to refer to tip number one in order to make adequate sleep part of daily self-care.
  5. Obtain a double electric breast pump. Separation from your infant at some point is almost inevitable. Returning to the workforce is the most common reason for the occurrence of separation. A double electric breast pump will prevent separation from impeding your ability to provide breast milk to your little one.

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