BeauGen Nipple Cushion

BeauGen Nipple Cushion

These nipple cushions are compatible with nearly all breast pumps. Simply place the cushion inside the flange and begin to pump regularly. BeauGen nipple cushions relieve pain or discomfort sometimes felt when pumping.

The Beaugen Nipple Cushion is available in white only, not pink. The price and functionality of the nipple cushion remains the same.


BeauGen Nipple Cushions help mothers pump more comfortably. The innovative design of the nipple cushion allows it to be used with nearly all breast shields or flanges. The cushion effectively creates a barrier between the breast and the standard breast shield. Unlike the hard plastic of the breast shield, the BeauGen nipple cushion conforms to the breast and stretches throughout pumping sessions to provide ultimate comfort.

Each nipple cushion is 1mm thick. Using the BeauGen nipple cushion will reduce each breast shield by 2mm. Because of this, the company suggests that mothers order a breast shield size larger than normal when using the nipple cushion.

BeauGen nipple cushions are not proven to directly increase milk supply. However, because they protect the nipple and increase comfort mothers find that they are able to pump more often and effectively.

Features and Benefits
  • Order includes two nipple cushions
  • For mothers in-between breast shield sizes, the nipple cushion can provide just enough cushion to help the breast shield fit correctly
  • Using the nipple cushions will decreases the breast shield size by 2mm
  • Clean the nipple cushion with warm water and soap. Be sure to rinse all soap residue off of the cushion before use
  • Store the nipple cushions in a dry area away from children
  • The cushions are made with medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (BPA Free)
  • Use with breast shield sizes 19mm-36mm
  • Refrain from using the product as a nipple shield when nursing as it could be a potential choking hazard for small children
  • The flexible material will become susceptible to tears if it is cleaned or stored in high temperatures. Avoid boiling or using steamer bags when cleaning
  • BeauGen Nipple Cushions are not compatible with the Medela Symphony or Pumpin Pals breast shields


Learn how to use the nipple cushion with this helpful video

Additional Information

Manufacturer Beaugen
Weight 1 pound
Dimensions 3" x 3" x 3"