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Allison Neese

Allison Neese

I graduated from App State in Boone NC with a degree in Psychology. I moved to Asheville North Carolina about a year ago and I love it! It's the perfect place for hiking and breathing in the beautiful mountain air. I only have one child and he is furry and has four legs. His name is Bug and he might be the cutest cat on the planet.

Fun Facts About Me!

My favorite thing to do in Asheville:

Hiking to swimming holes and waterfalls

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to...

The Amazon Rain Forest

My favorite movie and book is:

Harry Potter



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My Favorite Part About My Job

I love my co-workers and the environment that I work in. We get to be a part of such a special time in so many peoples lives and coming in to a positive work setting every day is so important. I love when I speak to my patients and really feel like I have made a difference in their lives and given them one less thing to worry about.

My Favorite Accessory

I love the Lansinoh Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra!

Additional Information

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