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Aidan Rolfe

Aidan Rolfe

I'm 30 years old and originally from Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a musician and DJ, love to dance, and I'm a huge hockey fan (Go Bruins!). I've lived in Asheville for a couple years now and spend my time with my better half and my cat, Milton von Floppenstein (pictured).

Fun Facts About Me!

My favorite thing about Asheville:

If there's live music, I'm there either playing or dancing. I love hiking and swimming, and the food here is about as good as it gets!

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to...

There aren't many places I wouldn't want to visit. Would love to see Europe and Southeast Asia most of all.

My favorite movie, book or TV show is:

Favorite movie is Interstellar. Favorite TV show will forever be a tie between The Wire and Six Feet Under. Favorite book is The Humans.



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My Favorite Part About My Job

I'm simply a people person. I enjoy talking to, and helping out all of our new moms in such exciting times in their lives!

My Favorite Breastfeeding Accessory

BeliBea Nourishing Bra. Hands-free pumping you say? Let's make things easier for mom!

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