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Alix Elle Madeo

Alix Elle Madeo

I am originally from New York but was raised in Asheville, NC. I attended UNC Asheville and have a feisty feline named Curry who has recently learned to play fetch.

Fun Facts About Me!

My favorite thing about Asheville:

Hiking to beautiful destinations, waterfall searching, eating local food in west Asheville(my location), antiquing, attending shows at the local music venues and going to breweries with my favorite people.

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to...

New Zealand (to see the Shire)!

My favorite Movie, Book and TV Show is:

Movie: Fight Club, book: Scar Tissue, TV Show: The Office



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My Favorite Part About My Job

Having fun at work with the best boss/co-workers while being able to help soon to be moms all over the map.

My Favorite Breastfeeding Accessory

The Lansinoh cooling gel pads.

Additional Information

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