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Cleaning your breast pump is so important — a dirty set of tubing or bottles could make your baby sick. We are here to help you get the cleaning supplies you need at an affordable cost. Be sure to check out our other resources on cleaning a breast pump on our blog!

For a thorough yet fast clean, check out the Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags that disinfect your breast pump, breast shields, accessories, bottles, nipples, pacifiers and more in about 3 minutes. To clean your Dr. Brown’s bottles, consider the Dr. Brown’s Soft Touch Bottle Brush featuring a combination of sponge and bristles for a very thorough cleaning.

Another awesome accessory to keep your pump parts sanitary is the Bébé Au Lait Grand Wet/Dry Bag. This bag is available in a variety of stylish patterns and features a wet pocket and a dry pocket to keep your clean parts sterile and organized!