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Motif Twist 28mm Breastshields

Motif Twist 28mm Breastshields

A pair of 28mm breastshields that fits the Motif Twist. This purchase also includes 2 membranes, valves and diaphragms



One size never fits all! Motif has created different sized breastshields that accommodate a range of mother’s needs. Lactation consultants have agreed that the properly sized breastshields are vital for a comfortable and effective expression. These Breastshields are compatible with the Motif Twist breast pumps. These Motif Breastshields provide and ensure that every mother has a perfectly fitted Breastshield for comfortable pumping sessions.

Features and Benefits
  • Compatible with Motif Twist breast pumps
  • Comes in either 24mm and 28mm
  • BPA Free
  • One pair of breastshields- 2 shields
  • 2 - Membranes and Valves
  • 2 - Diaphragms

Additional Information

Manufacturer Motif