Breastfeeding Resources

Kelly Mom

Evidence-based resource page about breastfeeding and parenting. Created by a lactation consultant and mother of three.

La Leche League

Mother-to-mother support groups for educating, encouraging, and understanding breastfeeding throughout all stages. Chapters exist in most areas around the country.

Breastfeeding Law

A comprehensive resource for breastfeeding laws created by a lawyer and activist.

Center for Disease Control

Government program for monitoring breastfeeding rates and making recommendations for best practices. Updated yearly to reflect current trends and research.


Private, clean and quiet nursing pods that are located in airports, stadiums, and other facilities across the country. Mamava has a mobile app for locating breastfeeding and pumping-friendly spaces nearby.

United States Breastfeeding Committee

A nonprofit organization that works collaboratively with professional, governmental, and educational organizations to promote breastfeeding friendly policy and practices in the United States.

Office on Women's Health

Government department that leads committees for women's health topics, including breastfeeding, within the Department of Health and Human Services.