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Selecting a Breast Pump

Aeroflow Breastpumps is honored to partner with so many reputable breast pump manufacturers. We pride ourselves on offering moms a broad selection of the best pumps and brands. If you are unsure about which pump is right for you, call us at 844-867-9890 and one of our trained Breastpump Specialists would be happy to help you understand the differences between pumps and what option may be best for you and your baby.

You may also refer to our blog for additional information about specific pumps and manufacturers to aid in your decision, and remember that it's always a good idea to consult with your doctor or lactation consultant before you begin your search for the best breast pump.

Upgrade Your Breast Pump

As part of our diverse offering, you may notice some pumps are considered upgrades. This means that your pump comes with additional features and accessories than deemed necessary for pumping by your insurance. In order to determine how much your insurance will cover and the remaining balance you as the recipient would be responsible for, please complete the Qualify Through Insurance form on our site. This information will give your Breastpump Specialist everything they need to verify your benefits and inform you of your coverage.