Tennessee Medicaid has a great program for instate citizens

Aeroflow is a preferred provider for Tennessee Medicaid plans such as Amerigroup of Tennessee, Blue Cross Blue Shield Blucare Tenncare, and United Healthcare River Valley- Tenncare.

What is a preferred provider?

A preferred provider is an in-network, contracted medical provider that is able to service a patient through their insurance policy. All three Tennessee Medicaid policies cover breast pumps at 100%. This is great for moms to be that are new to breast pumping or motherhood!

There are two stipulations that have to be followed with these three polices. One is that a prescription would be needed from an OBGYN or DO. Also, the breast pump would not be able to be shipped until 30 days prior to the baby’s due date. Aeroflow Breastpumps makes it really easy! If you need the prescription, a request can be sent over to the doctor’s office if you provide their first and last name, along with their phone number. Also if the prescription is received prior to the 30 days before the due date, a follow-up date will be scheduled for a Breastpump Specialist to reach out and go over your options!

What kind of breast pump can I get?

The pump options available range in brands from Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Nuk, Lansinoh, Tomy, Hygeia, and Evenflo. The Medela PNSA Starter Set, Spectra S2, Ameda Purely Yours, Nuk Expressive, Tomy Quiet Expression, Hygeia Q, and the Evenflo are all covered at 100% through Tennessee Medicaid.

There are also upgrade options available through Medela, Spectra, and Hygeia. All breast pumps do come with warranties for the motor and parts. If you do not see your Medicaid policy listed, that doesn’t mean that a breast pump is not covered! You can call member services on the back of your Medicaid card, and they can tell you your coverage, along with who is able to help!

Aeroflow Breastpumps is always here for you

If your policy does run through Amerigroup Tenncare, BCBS Blucare Tenncare, or United Healthcare River Vally- Tenncare, let Aeroflow Breastpumps help you qualify! Through Aeroflow, you can apply to find out if a pump is covered through your insurance for free!

This is all in thanks to the Affordable Care Act compliant insurance policies. Please complete the Qualify Through Insurance form to see if you’re qualified for a breast pump covered at 100%. Let Aeroflow start working on your breast pump needs for you!