Medela Pump In Style Double Pumping Kit

Medela's Resupply Kit

Medela has created a kit that is designed to resupply your breast pump needs, or give you a spare set for home and the office. The Medela Pump in Style Double Pumping Kit is mom’s best bet when looking to get new parts for her breast pump with a Pump in Style motor! It has everything needed to get your back to brand new, just like when you opened the box for the first time.

What's Included

The Medela Pump in Style Double Pumping Kit is set up with:

  • (1) set of tubing
  • (2) 24mm PersonalFit breast shields and connectors
  • (2) valves
  • (2) membranes
  • (1) drawstring bag
  • (8) disposable bra pads

Each part plays a significant part in ensuring your Medela breast pump runs smoothly. All of the parts are authentic and BPA free! This kit allows mothers to keep their breast pumps and supplies clean and organized, and provides different sized breast shields, if necessary.

The replacement parts for the Medela Pump in Style includes everything you need to ensure smooth pumping. The tubing connects the motor to the connector to form a great suction environment. The 24mm PersonalFit breast shields provide a comfortable and secure fit over the nipple, allowing for great suction to occur. The fit of the breast shield is important because it helps with a great suction value and having a comfortable experience with breast pumping. The best way to measure the size you need is to make sure it’s comfortable before turning the motor on and that it covers your areola.

The valves and membranes, together, facilitate the majority of the power behind the suctioning. The membranes are typically the first part to get worn out after excessive use. Always look to see if there is any damage to the membranes. If there is, the part needs to be replaced in order to have your suction pressure powerful.

The disposable bra pads are great for any mom looking to be discreet and comfortable! This piece helps mom with any leaks and keeps you dry and worry-free. All of these parts in the kit can be held together in the drawstring bag to keep everything organized and clean!

Still Need a Breast Pump?

The Medela Pump in Style Double Pumping Kit is a great addition or replacement for any mom with a Medela Pump in Style pump. If you are looking for this type of breast pump or one of the other numerous brands, Aeroflow Breastpumps can help you! You can apply to see if one is covered through your insurance for free!

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