Known for its sweet peaches and southern hospitality, Georgia is also home to lots of new mommies! With almost 60,000 births last year, it is no wonder that Aeroflow Breastpumps is getting so many inquiries from mothers in Georgia needing a breast pump. Many of those inquiries have been from mothers with Georgia Medicaid and thanks to the Affordable Care Act, many of them have been able to get a free breast pump through their insurance.

Insurance guidelines for getting your pump

Keep in mind that each Medicaid plan has specific guidelines regarding breast pump coverage such as what type of breast pump they will pay for, when you can receive the pump (before or after birth), and under what conditions you can receive one. Several Georgia Medicaid plans only cover a breast pump if there is “medical necessity”, which includes the baby being in the NICU or if the baby has a congenital anomaly, such as a cleft palate.


Amerigroup of Georgia is one Georgia Medicaid plan that Aeroflow Breastpumps is contracted with and can assist in getting a free double electric breast pump through insurance. While Amerigroup does require that the baby is born before shipment of the breast pump, they will cover a long list of efficient breast pumps as long as a prescription is on hand.

If you do not have a prescription, the good news is that Aeroflow can assist in sending over a prescription request to your doctor as long as you are able to provide their contact information. The team of Breastpump Specialists can help you see if you are able to get a breast pump through your particular insurance plan.

Perks of having a breast pump with new baby

Exclusively breastfeeding can be difficult for mom, especially in the first few weeks of baby’s debut into the world, so many mothers prefer having a breast pump on hand to ease into this new season of life. Owning a breast pump can assist with engorgement, encourage feedings by your partner (which encourages bonding), and help you build up a nice supply of milk.

Choose from several options!

Leave it to Aeroflow Breastpumps to see if your insurance will cover the cost of a Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter, Spectra S2, or Ameda Purely Yours Ultra and that’s just a few of the major breast pump brands Aeroflow carries.

All you need to do to get started is complete the super quick Qualify Through Insurance form. A dedicated Breastpump Specialist will contact your insurance to verify your benefits within just a few days and then give you a call to discuss your coverage information. The process is fast, simple, and most importantly, free! If you need more immediate assistance, give them a call directly at (844) 867-9890. Aeroflow Breastpumps looks forward to assisting you soon!