Illinois Insurance Plans

Aeroflow is a preferred provider for several Illinois Medicaid plans that cover a breast pump at 100%!

Traditional Illinois Medicaid plans like Aetna Better Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Family Health Network, Harmony Health Plan, Meridian Health Plan, and Molina Healthcare are all plans that Aeroflow is able to service. Aeroflow is working diligently every day so that the list of Illinois Medicaid plans will continue to grow! There are stipulations and guidelines that need to be followed in order to be compliant with each plan.

Traditional Illinois Medicaid Plans

Traditional Medicaid that goes through DHS Social Services, Meridian Health Plan, and Family Health Network all cover a breast pump at 100%. However, for these Illinois Medicaid plans, a mother can only utilize the benefit every five years. Expecting mothers will need a prescription from their OBGYN or DO to qualify for an Ameda Purely Yours at 100%. Upgrade options available through Medela, Spectra, Ameda, and Hygeia. Aeroflow can ship the breast pump within two weeks of the baby’s due date!

Commercial Illinois Medicaid Plans

For Aetna Better Health of Illinois plans, prior authorization is required. This means Aeroflow will need a doctor's prescription for a breast pump and that will be submitted to insurance for approval. Aetna Better Health stipulates submitting the prior authorization no more than 2-3 weeks prior to the due date. After approval has been granted, Aeroflow can ship the pump once the baby is born. With this plan, the mother is qualified for the Evenlfo Single Electric, Tomy Quiet Expressions, and the Ameda Purely Yours at 100%. Also, upgrade options through Medela, Spectra, Hygeia, and Ameda are available!

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Medicaid plan covers several breast pumps brands at 100%! All that is needed is a prescription from the OBGYN or DO. With this policy, Aeroflow can ship at any time after receiving the prescription. Most major brands have pumps that are covered, along with upgrade some options.

For the Harmony Health plan, this breast pump benefit can only be utilized every five years. Also, a prescription will be needed, and Aeroflow can ship once the baby is born. With this plan, the Evenflo Single Electric, Tomy Quiet Expressions, and the Ameda Purely Yours are covered at 100%. Upgrade options through Medela, Spectra, Hygeia, and Ameda are available. Molina Healthcare of Illinois follows the same guidelines as the Harmony Health Plan, but the benefit is renewed every benefit period, instead of every five years!

How to Qualify

All things considered, Aeroflow makes the process quick and easy! The prescription can actually be requested by Aeroflow, to make the process even simpler. Through Aeroflow, expecting mothers can apply to find out if a pump is covered through insurance at little or no cost! This is all in thanks to the Affordable Care Act compliant insurance policies. Please visit the Qualify Through Insurance link to see if you’re qualified for a breast pump. Let Aeroflow start working on your breast pump needs for you!