Home of the Kansas City Chiefs and singing sensations Tina Turner and Sheryl Crow, Missouri is the 18th most populous state in the U.S, which means it's home to lots of expecting mothers and families in need of breastfeeding support.

Health Insurance & Breast Pumps

The Affordable Care Act, enacted in 2010, has paved the way for thousands of new moms to get breastfeeding support for free or a very low cost thanks to their insurance plans. Luckily Aeroflow Breastpumps is in network with BCBS of Missouri insurance guidelines for breast pumps!

Grandfathered Insurance Plans

With all Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, it is important that our Breastpump Specialists check to see if the particular insurance plan is considered “grandfathered” or not.  A “grandfathered” plan does not follow health care reform that was created by the Affordable Care Act. “Grandfathered” plans do not cover preventive services such as cancer screenings and what you are probably most interested in at the moment, breastfeeding support which includes supplies and counseling. 

Sadly, there are still many insurance plans that have opted out of healthcare reform and do not cover such important benefits as breastfeeding support. If your plan is not “grandfathered”, then the plan will, in most cases, offer preventive service benefits at no cost to you and your family which can mean a free, double-electric breast pump for you and your little one.

See if you Qualify in a few Simple Steps

Interested in seeing if your insurance plan allows for coverage of a free breast pump? With a few simple clicks online, you could be on your way to getting your very own free Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter breast pump or maybe the Spectra S2 is more your style? Keep in mind, we offer all major breast pump brands including but not limited to Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Hygeia, Lansinoh, Nuk, and Tomy. 

Head online to our Qualify Through Insurance form. It is a quick, easy way to get your insurance information to us. Once you submit that online, leave the rest to us! A dedicated Breastpump Specialist will verify your benefits for a breast pump and then give you a call to go over your options.  It’s easy, fast, and did we mention, FREE? 

If you have any further questions about BCBS of Missouri insurance guidelines for breast pumps give us a call directly at 1-844-867-9890. We look forward to assisting you and your little one!