Do you have an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio plan and need an electric breast pump? Better yet, do you need a free electric breast pump? Thanks to a team of dedicated Breastpump Specialists at Aeroflow Healthcare, we can help you get a free double electric breast pump shipped right to your front door! Below we have laid out exactly how to qualify through Anthem BCBS of Ohio insurance guidelines for breast pumps.

Step 1: Qualify through Aeroflow Breastpumps

Fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form on our website.  It is a simple and easy three step form that helps us collect your insurance information so that we can verify your benefits for a breast pump.  It will also ask for your prescribing physician’s information because your doctor will have to sign the prescription for the breast pump. While Anthem BCBS of Ohio insurance guidelines for breast pumps do not require a prescription upfront before shipping the pump, we will need to send a prescription request over to the doctor after we ship you a pump so that we can keep one on file for insurance purposes when filing the claim.

If you already have a prescription, then please still fill in the doctor’s information and then you can let your Breastpump Specialist know that you have a prescription; he or she will let you know how to get that over to us.

Step 2: Let the Breastpump Specialists at Aeroflow take care of the rest!


We know that dealing with insurance companies can be confusing and difficult at times, so that is why we do it for you.  As an expecting mother, that is one less thing to stress about!  Your dedicated Specialist will verify your benefits and then give you a call to discuss your coverage information and your breast pump options.

Anthem BCBS of Ohio Guidelines for Breast Pumps

Most Anthem BCBS of Ohio insurance guidelines for breast pumps (that are effective after August 1, 2012) will cover the cost of a double electric breast pump. They may even cover additional breastfeeding supplies such as breast milk storage containers! Be sure to ask your Breastpump Specialist how supplies can be covered by your plan.  

Note: Please allow 3-5 business days to complete the insurance verification process. If you have already given birth or are due within the next two weeks, please give us a call for more immediate assistance at (844)867-9890. You can also visit our online store to see our selection of breast pumps and accessories! We look forward to helping you.