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What to Know About Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex (D-MER)

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Do you feel sad upon let-down when pumping or breastfeeding? You may have D-MER. While lactation classes and counselors can help to overcome challenges, there is one often overlooked & underdiagnosed condition that is not as easily resolved with traditional lactation support and tools. It’s called D-MER, Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex.

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Eight Myths and Facts About the Pelvic Floor

Woman doing pelvic exercise, holding her baby

Most of us don’t know enough about the pelvic floor to decipher what pieces of advice & information are true, versus those that are not. Because this group of muscles is responsible for supporting our pelvic organs, stabilizing the pelvis & core, and is essential to our everyday lives, we pulled together the top myths heard by a Pelvic Floor Therapist and carefully debunked each one.

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Best Pregnancy Exercises to Prepare for Childbirth

Physical activity during pregnancy can help you stay strong and comfortable as your body grows. Once you reach the third trimester, you might find that your body wants to slow down. So how do we keep up with the benefits of exercise & staying strong for labor when our bodies don’t want to do much? These are the best exercises to focus on during the third trimester to stay prepared for labor, delivery, and postpartum. 

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Labor and Birthing Positions for a Comfortable Delivery

One thing that is often left out of pregnancy decision-making is choosing which birthing positions to use during labor and delivery. The most popular birthing position in the U.S. is the semi-sitting, or lithotomy position. This position has become popular over time because it facilitates labor and delivery interventions, such as forceps or placement of a vacuum. 

However, there are a myriad of other birthing and delivery positions, all of which have their own pros and cons.

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What to Know About Birth, Breastfeeding, and Your Period

After almost a year without a period, you might be wondering when Aunt Flo is going to drop in. Will she call ahead and let you know she’s coming, or will she just show up unannounced? Will your usual tampon/pad/cup routine do the trick, or should you stock up on something different? From cramps to cups, things might be different after pregnancy and birth. Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions about postpartum periods and offer a few solutions along the way.

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How Soon Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

You can take a pregnancy test anytime you’d like to, even if you’re not pregnant! But, as we discuss in this article, there are optimal windows for taking home pregnancy tests to ensure that you get the most accurate results.

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Why Breastfeeding is Beneficial for Moms and Babies

Whether you’re nursing your baby or providing them pumped breast milk, breastfeeding is beneficial for moms and babies. IBCLC Ashley Georgakopoulos shares what those benefits are, and some of them last a lifetime. 

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COVID-19 Vaccines During Pregnancy and While Breastfeeding

With an overwhelming amount of information and assumptions about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines circulating, it may be difficult to decipher facts from opinions during the pandemic. Understandably, many new and expectant moms have questions. We’ve worked with leading medical experts to gather answers from sources you can trust. 

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Medications & CBD While Breastfeeding: Get the Facts on What’s Safe

The majority of breastfeeding moms take at least one medication while nursing. If you are breastfeeding and/or pumping, it’s really important to check that all medications and supplements you take are safe and compatible with breastfeeding. 

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Best Foods To Eat While Breastfeeding and Pumping

New moms are so busy prioritizing the care of their newborn that they often overlook taking care of themselves, however, taking care of yourself and eating the right foods will impact your baby's health too. IBCLC Dr. Jessica Madden shares what moms should eat (and avoid) while producing breast milk. 

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