Breast Pumping

Meet Laura - How She Pumps for Twins!

There will be nights when you’re exhausted and you don’t think you can possibly drag your body over to feed them, do it anyways. There will be days where you’re ill and don’t want to even stand up, do it anyways. Please, in that moment remember how strong you are.

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Flying with Your Pumping Supplies

So what exactly is the deal with TSA and pumping and breastfeeding moms? Looks like the post 9/11 rule, the 3-1- 1 rule, that all passengers are allowed 3.4-ounce bottles of liquids in a 1-quart size, clear plastic bag - doesn't apply to breast milk. Yes! One less thing to worry about as I carry my infant through a super crowded and never long enough, Atlanta connection. Although it’s permitted, here are a few things to remember to make getting through TSA easier.

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