The Road To Co-Breastfeeding: Part 2

In May, we were honored to share Glenis' and her family's story as they navigated the road to co-breastfeeding and induced lactation. Now, five months later, we're equally as excited to share an update...

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Breastfeeding After Your First Child

Whether this is your first or 5th nursing baby, enjoy the moment, have good support systems in place and good products on hand and no matter how different each baby is your breastfeeding journey with each is sure to be a success!

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Meet Laura - Breastfeeding Mama of Twins!

"As soon as the boys were born, the hospital staff got me pumping every three hours. It was very frustrating at first. With colostrum, very little liquid actually comes out. I would painstakingly scrape every drop I could into the small bottle...After the first day or so, I was able to breastfeed the boys. I was definitely still very uncertain about how to even begin the process with two babies. In this way, our NICU visit ended up being a blessing. The staff didn’t hesitate in getting me started." - Laura

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